361MC Research and Development Networking & Distribution

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“Distribution is the main aspect when creating an new idea because it helps to market the idea professional, in terms of …..” (Poudel, 2012)Distribution is one of the important mix among marketing mixes. The role of distribution in marketing and in the whole economy can be discussed as follows: Marketing concept emphasizes on earning profit through satisfaction of the customers. Besides market research for the development and sales of goods according to need and wants of consumers, the participants of distribution channel also help producers in production of new goods.Distribution function helps to improve living standard of the consumers in the society. Proper distribution of necessary goods and services to the consumers easily at right time does not only satisfy them but also brings change in their living standard. Distribution brings improvement in living standard of consumers through generation of employment, increase in income and transfer of ownership. Hence, it brings positive effect in the society.” (Poudel, 2012)

The functions of distribution such as transportation, warehousing, inventory management etc. increase the importance of products by creating place utility, time utility and quantity utility. Distribution mix plays an important role to increase the value of the products through delivery of goods in right quantity, at right place and right time.Distribution serves as link between producers and consumers. Producers can make flow of information and messages to consumers about their products, price, promotion etc. through channel members. Similarly, they receive information about customers, competitors and environmental changes from channel members.The function of distribution creates employment opportunities in society.” (Poudel, 2012)


Networking and distributing is very important because its helps to get any project or business recognized connected and developed. Great minds think alike so its very important to discuss an idea with a professional person that has an interest and work in that area mainly because other would not care. To get my project

Sales related

1) Maintaining relationship with current customers
2) Meeting new prospects
3) Getting referrals to new pre qualified prospects
4) Receiving referrals to other departments at current customers
5) Word of mouth publicity
6) Creating ambassadors who will tell about you and connect you with the right prospects

These are the extra steps I’ve taken to distribute my work,

  • Social Network
  • Sending My production via email to professional media producers

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Social Network 

I have uploaded my video on wordpress, instagram, facebook and vimeo as these are the typical social networking websites is easy to say that its one of the steps I have taken to market my production. overall no views yet on all upload but I believe its start for some networking with other media producers and a easy way to gain access to watch my documentary.

Sending My documentary to professional media producers 


Sending my documentary to specific media producer I think s typical idea but as theses people have seeen me before maybe it will have a better chance of being watched and hopeful who knows what doors this will open for me.

bibliography thanks to,

Poudel, K. (2012) ‘Importance Of Distribution – Business-Marketing: Importance Of Distribution’, Market, Available at: http://marketinglord.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/importance-of-distribution.html (Accessed: 8 April 2015)


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